Huey Hoong Chan

Tangled Merchandising

The architecture of brick-and-mortar merchandising can be seen as the physical spillover of systems derived from the fields of logistics, material and inventory management that prioritizes efficiency, categorization, generalization and human accessibility.

Tangled Merchandising resists this form of ubiquity by conceiving of a distribution paradigm based on Luciana Parisi’s understanding of the digital as “…a contagious architecture consisting of infinite parts, unsynthesizable quantities, and uncountable randomness that explodes between and within any finite kernels…”.

The production of highly fragmented but connected spaces give rise to a multiplicity of circulation routes, which are in turn divisible into a range of strong and weak movement sequences, resulting in a spatial experience that contain multiple parallel and/or sequential subjectivity.

Awarded the Günter Bock Prize, 2015.