Huey Hoong Chan

Doubtfully Certain

Instant photograph films

These photographs are imaginations of a post-work future extrapolated from the familiarity of the present. Each image is manipulated to induce a particular moment of estrangement, and are printed on instant photograph films, a medium that speaks to the immediacy of recording truth.

Strangeness, as an aesthetic quality, serves to reveal the tension between reality and its representations. It seeks to defamiliarize the everyday and the banal to new, and perhaps unconventional understandings.

The images are intended to achieve moments of doubt that oscillate between legibility, ambiguity and caricature, prompting the observer to question the realism of a regime that obfuscates the production of any such alternative futurities.

Collaboration with Shing Yi Lee. Shown at the Casa da Xiclet, Sao Paolo, Brazil from 10th Aug - 10 Sep as part of the exhibition titled 'Estranging the Real; Realising the Strange'.